Wednesday, September 10, 2014

My Morning Playlist

As you may know already, morning is my absolutely favorite part of the day. I love this feeling when you wake up and the whole day is ahead of you. The beginning of something new... One thing that I like to do, besides having a nice breakfast and a shower, is turning on my music. Here's a playlist I made which will help you to start your day on a good note. Enjoy!

1. Deadmau5 feat. Chris JamesThe Veldt (Original Mix)
2. Amy Stroup - Alas We Aspire
3. Jack Johnson - Banana Pancakes
4. Adam Barnes She Will Stay Beneath The Moon
5. Landon AustinSundress
6. GrouploveLet Me In
7. Ed SheeranThinking Out Loud
8. The Gabe Dixon BandFind My Way
9. Sam SmithStay With Me 
10. Magic!Rude

Thanks for reading!



  1. Кроме Stay with me не одну песню не знаю))
    Но зато теперь нашла себе несколько новых песен,надеюсь понравятся!

  2. не слышала ни одной песни раньше,послушаю может и мне чего нибудь пригодится для утра