Wednesday, November 12, 2014

5 Books To Read This Winter

Hello guys! The weather is getting colder each day and that means that you're more likely would spend most of your time at home. I'm definitely not a fan of chill (like I seriously hate being cold!), although there are also some good things about winter. For example, it's the best time to snuggle up in a warm blanket and read a book while you're at home. So, today I thought that I'd share with you some of my favorite books of different genres that I'm sure you'll enjoy reading!

Gillian Flynn 'Gone Girl'
Actually, I don't know if I really need to say anything about this book, since it seems that everyone knows about it by now. Gillian Flynn quite fast has become one of my favorite writers. Her books just keep you reading non stop, and the twists of the plot are extremely unexpected which makes the whole reading super enjoyable. As for this particular book, I'm totally obsessed with it!!! I've read it twice and loved every part of it. Then I also went to see the movie (if you don't have time to read the book, you should at least watch the movie!) and fall in love with it, as much as I did with the book. I won't be telling you the whole plot, since you really can just google it, but I'll say once again, this book is totally worth your time!

Gillian Flynn 'Sharp Objects'
Well, after falling in love with 'Gone Girl', I just had to read something else by Gillian Flynn (I mean seriously, the woman is a genius!). So, I've read her 2 other books 'Sharp Objects' and 'Dark Corners' and loved both. They're a little bit disturbing, but really interesting. The whole time you just keep guessing what is about to happen next. So, if you like mystery and not fairy-tale like stories, you'd probably love it. Also, I think that I liked 'Dark Places' more, but I just don't have it with me right now, that's why I didn't include it in the photo.

Sophie Kinsella 'Shopaholic' Series
I picked up books, but you should totally read the whole series. These books are also well-known and don't really need an introduction. If you're a girl who loves all things beauty, fashion, and stuff like that you'll love it! I first saw the movie 'Shopaholic' many years ago and since then it became one of my favorite comedies. The books are the same, they are a really light read, make you laugh all the time.

Lauren Weisberger 'Revenge Wears Prada'
I'm sure you all know the famous book and the movie 'The Devil Wears Prada'. This book is the second one in the series. I actually haven't finished it yet, but I already really like it, so I thought that I include the book in the list. I found it quite similar to the mentioned above 'Shopaholic'. It has the same genre and again would be interesting for all the fashion, beauty lovers out there.

What are you currently reading and what are your favorite books of all time? I'd love to hear your recommendations, so write them down below!

Thanks for reading!



  1. Good plans for this winter! Recently I have read all the books written by Cecelia Ahern, I advise you to read this author)

  2. Всё это читала уже(((

  3. Я тоже все книги Гиллиан Флинн запоем читала. Она заново открыла для меня жанр детектива.

    BarbarianMe Blog

  4. I've heard so many good things about her, should probably give a try some of her books :)

  5. Может как-нибудь сделаю ещё пост с подборкой других книг)

  6. Да, её книги просто шикарны! Жалко, что их всего 3(

  7. Anastasia MatveyevaNovember 13, 2014 at 5:50 PM

    Я буду Исчезнувшую читать из-за фильма, потому что он меня впечатлил, а зная некоторую особенность практически всех сценаристов многое оставлять в книге, хочу теперь прочитать))

  8. You just solidified the fact that I NEED to read Gone Girl ASAP!! I am going to have to make time!

    XO, Erica

  9. Мне безумно понравились и фильм, и книга! В целом сюжетная линия фильма очень схожа, но в книге, конечно, многое более подробно описано)

  10. Definitely give this book a try! It's amazing!

  11. I love your blog so much! I've been reading your posts for a while but I just followed you today, amazing! By the way, these books are on my list. Thanks! And keep up the good work :)