Friday, December 5, 2014

Life Lately: Holidays're Coming

Hello, guys! I'm already totally into the whole holiday spirit. My Christmas playlist is playing in the background, all the decorations are out and I can't wait for New Year's Eve! It really is the best time of the year, because there's no other holiday that lasts for such a long period of time. I like how all the stores are starting to decorate their windows and everything is bright and glittery.

The only downfall tho is the cold, that gets really bad at times (brrr!). Well, there's also a lack of light. So, I wake up in the morning in the complete dark and then I come home in the dark. And that makes shooting any photographs impossible. I'm sure all bloggers out there can relate to that!

Ok, I wouldn't finish my post on a negative note. Overall, I'm really happy and excited about all the X-mas stuff. I'm also in search for some new holiday movies to watch and would love to hear your recommendations! ;)

 Orly 'Fantesia'

Thanks for reading!



  1. Great photos!

    I like your rings, they are cool!

  2. I love playing holiday music too! It just instantly puts you in a good mood!

  3. Box and rings are awesome!

  4. Жанна МарковаDecember 7, 2014 at 2:19 PM

    Твои фотки вдохновляют :3

  5. Алиночка, я просто несказанно обожаю твой блог, вот честно. Весь его внешний вид, его содержание, вдохновение, что он дарит... Я получаю эстетическое удовольствие от него. Спасибо тебе за это!

    Surprise Inside 7

  6. Спасибо огромное! Мне очень приятно! <3

  7. Алина супер! Я в восторге! Мне очень понравились твои посты и фото! Буду фоловить;) Если тебе интересно, то посмотри мой блог: