Saturday, January 17, 2015

Instagram/Photo Diary

Well, the holidays are officially over, which in some way may be kind of sad. But hey, there's a whole new year ahead! The year of new beginnings and exciting opportunities! Try to become a better version of yourself, improve your skills, learn something new and try to enjoy your ride. 

Here I have some latest photos from my Instagram. Scroll down to see all of them!

P.S. You may've noticed that I started to post almost every day. Hopefully, I'll be able to stick to that and therefore here will be a lot more content. So, make sure to check out my blog once a day for a new update! ;)

 Happy B-day to my girl!!!

 There's nothing as good as a bowl of warm oatmeal on a gloomy day! <3

 Somebody obviously loved her present <3

 These gotta be the tiniest macarons I've ever tried!

 Stay inspired! <3

Thanks for reading!