Sunday, January 25, 2015

January Favorites

Today I finally decided to do a post with my monthly favorites. I believe I haven't really done any of these in a while, and it's the end of January, so here we go. I don't have a bunch of favorites tho, especially in terms of makeup. I just feel that I've been using the exact same products over and over again and they worked great for me. However, I still gathered a few things that I've been particularly loving this month.

Yves Rocher Hand Cream 'Cacao & Orange' 
I'm absolutely obsessed with this hand cream! I'd gotten a body wash with the same scent for my birthday a while ago,  and when I saw that they offered a hand cream, I knew I had to have it! And as you can see, I obviously didn't regret it. Can't say much about the quality of this product, it just kind of do the job, but the fragrance is what makes it so unique.

Maybelline Dream Matte Powder
I've been using this powder since forever, but I don't think I've ever talked about it on the blog. This powder remains to be one of  my all-time favorites. I'd totally recommend it to everyone who has oily/combination skin. It mattifies your skin without looking cakey and stays on for a good amount of time. Also, it has lasted me so long, despite the fact that I use it every day. The packaging is quite unique, I'd say, but you quickly get used to it.

Plaid Blanket Scarf
This has been love at first sight. I had seen this scarf a few times on different blogs and when I finally discovered it in one of my local stores, I picked it without any hesitation. What should I start with? I just love everything about this scarf: the size, the pattern, the overall design. The scarf is just enormously huge and super soft, which makes it perfect to bundle in during these cold days. I know that the similar ones now available pretty much in every online store, so I'll leave some links down below.

Bershka 'Karma' Necklace
This necklace had been on my wish list for a long time, but never got a chance to buy it. You can imagine that I was beyond happy when I'd found it at Bershka for less than 10$! It's now one of my most worn jewelry pieces.

InCity Lace Bra
And last but not least, I decided to show you a bra that I'd totally fallen in love with. I love the lace details all over it and how delicate and pretty it is. The color is also gorgeous, quite similar to black, yet a little bit more fun.

What do you think about my favorites? I'd love to hear about some of your favorites too, spill out!

Thanks for reading!



  1. So in love with your photography girl!

  2. Алина, ты напомнила мне и о моём фаворите! Эта пудра... я её просто обожала, но когда она закончилась я нигде не могла найти свой оттенок и пришлось искать замену. Теперь возобновлю попытки её купить в своем цвете - действительно потрясающая вещь и сама упаковка очень удобная.

  3. Даа, это пока лучшее, что я когда-либо пробовала! Я знаю, что когда она кончится, я обязательнj куплю ещё такую же :)

  4. Awesome fav's! :) Your necklace looks so dainty and delicate, so pretty!!

  5. Thank you! I've been wearing this necklace all the time since I got it!

  6. Love the bra :) Great photography by the way! x