Tuesday, January 13, 2015

My Top 10 Instagram Accounts Of 2014

top 10 inspirational instagram accounts
Hello guys! Today I wanna share with you my top 10 Instagram accounts of 2014. As you may know already, Instagram is my absolutely favorite social media, and I love to find new inspiring accounts to follow. Scroll down through my list and hopefully you'll find some new interesting people to follow. Also, I'd really appreciate if you share with me some of your favorite accounts! ;)

cup of herbal tea instagram

I'm genially obsessed with this account! The girl Sonya, who's a photographer, just takes the most beautiful photographs of cities, landscapes, seaside and lots of other amazing things. All the shots are really sweet and feminine, so definitely go check her out!

polabur instagram

Another recent love of mine is Polina's account. The girl is currently living in Amsterdam and her photos perfectly capture the whole beauty of this city. All the shots are also super pretty and have nice shades.

linadelika instagram

I've been following this account for quite a long time and it's definitely one of my all-time favorites. Lina is constantly travelling and her photographs from all over the world always inspire me and make me wanna see all these incredible places in real life.

garry pepper girl instagram

Most of you may know Nicole Warne. She's a fashion blogger and her photographs are just seriously the best! If you've ever been on her blog or instagram account, you know what I'm talking about. Nicole travels a lot and always manages to capture the best shots. As you can see, her profile is really colorful and full of life.

tuulavintage instagram

I fall in love with Jessica's blog and instagram the moment I discovered her. Jessica is a fashion & travel blogger and she posts photographs from all over the world: Hawaii, NY, Maldives, India, Greece... the list is endless!

kristina bazan instagram

Kristina was the first fashion blogger, I'd discovered back in the days and she still remains my favorite, so naturally I had to include her instagram. She daily posts outfits, selfies, beautiful locations, food photographs and a bunch of other cool stuff.

songofstyle instagram

I'm sure y'll know Aimee from Song of Style (if you don't, you're totally living under a rock!) Everything I can say is that her instagram feed is no less amazing than her blog!

chriselle lim instagram

Chriselle is one of my favorite bloggers too. I'd discovered her youtube channel and then the blog and I absolutely love everything she's doing! Her outfits are always on top and I love to look stalk her on instagram to get my daily dose of inspiration.

fashion salad instagram

I always make sure to check out Ann's feed on a daily basis. She lives in Paris and her instagram represents this city in the best way possible. Countless amount of buildings with beautiful architecture, flowers & macaroons - I mean, what else do I need to say?

Mimi Ikonn instagram

And the last one, but not least, I have Mimi Ikonn's profile. Mimi makes videos for her youtube channel and also occasionally writes on her blog. On her instagram you can find her daily outfits, photographs of healthy food and beautiful London.

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  1. Very cool accounts with amazingly beautiful photos and persons! Some of them I've already been following)


  2. Да, Кристину Базан все обожают))


  3. These photos are great!




  4. Даа, она моя самая любимая :)