Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Instagram/Photo Diary

It's a really beautiful sunny morning today. Right now, as I'm writing this post, I'm just enjoying the sun through the window and sipping on my morning cup of coffee. If you've been following my blog for a while, you probably already know how much I love mornings, especially the ones like that. Those little moments make me incredibly happy!

I honestly can't wait for summer (or at least spring) to come. The feeling of the sun on your skin, early sunrise, long days, no layers of clothing (FYI, I wear about 3-4 layers to keep me warm!). I can already see how it's getting closer and closer to that moment, still it probably won't be that warm in here for another month or two.

Anyway, today I decided to share with you some of my latest shots from instagram, as I haven't done a 'photo diary' post in a while and have lots of pictures to show you.

 I can never get enough of decor at Magnolia Bakery!

 And of course, these cupcakes are incredibly delicious! My favorite flavors are carrot, german chocolate & truffle.

 Beautiful sunrise <3

 My favorite perfume of all times!

 Moscow buildings at night <3

 Sometimes things can get a liitle bit crazy when shooting an outfit :D

Thanks for reading!


  1. So nice photos)))

  2. Amazing IG photos :)

  3. Я всегда любила твой инстаграм <3 Сама жду не дождусь лета. С добрым утром!

  4. Спасибо! Даа, уже очень хочется лета)