Friday, March 6, 2015

Coffee & Macarons

Macarons & coffee are my two absolute favorite things in the world! A few days ago I decided to bring home a pack of these little babies from one of my favorite cafes to enjoy at home. I made myself some coffee, unwrapped the macarons and served them on the nice plates. You may know from my blog/instagram that I eat healthy on a daily basis and try to take great care of my body, but I think it's also important to have these little celebrations from time to time, when you can treat yourself to something you really like (for me it's macarons or donuts). And one more thing, if you ever find salt caramel flavor, take it without any second thought! It tastes like heaven! Oh, and the coffee one is really good too ;)

Btw, let me know what are your favorite sweet treats!

Thanks for reading!



  1. Макаруны так же являются моем любимым лакомством! Как Блэр из "Сплетницы" покупаю их себе в особые моменты или когда грустно...
    Пытаюсь отучить себя пить кофе и перейти на цикорий, но моя любовь к кофе сильнее. ;)

  2. Тоже покупаю макаруны, когда хочется поднять себе настроение) Я поняла, что отучать себя пить кофе для меня бесполезно, так что я просто стараюсь ограничивать его количество)

  3. Macarons are just to die for. They're so delicious. Great post.


  4. Gorgeous photos! I have never tasted macaroons: I always feel sad when seeing them on blogs hihi. They look so delicious, I just can't seem to find them anywhere :(


  5. Wow, amazing photos, love it! x

  6. Amazing pictures!! Love your blog <3

    Kisses, Kali

  7. Hope you'll be able to try them, because that's one of the most delicious desserts ever!

  8. The green ones are my fave! They're so cute though! X

    Navy and Black ootd on the blog-

  9. Прелесть :)

  10. This are my two favorite things too & also love cemitas with it!

    Mafer, Euphoric Wanderlust x