Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Instagram/Photo Diary

Last couple of weeks were kinda busy for me. I've been torn between studying and doing things for my blog, and now I feel like having a rest, watching an episode of my favorite tv-show and just chill out for a moment. Anyway, it's two days until the weekend, when hopefully I finally will be able to relax.

As you've may noticed from my 2 previous outfit posts, I've cut my hair! The idea of doing it actually came to me really unexpectedly and it definitely was more of a spontaneous decision, but now I couldn't be happier! I can't even express how refreshing it feels!

By the way, I'm planing to post another outfit tomorrow, that I shot the last weekend, so stay tuned for that. Since I got my hair cut, I've been loving these beachy waves, but this time you'll see me with straight hair, as they're naturally.

Tell me how you're doing! Are you currently studying/working? Are you excited for the upcoming weekend (I sure as hell am!)?

Thanks for reading!


  1. i still love your look

  2. Love the photos! Your blog overall is super cute :) I'm excited for the upcoming weekend, too, will have my fist scuba diving lesson on sunday, yay!

  3. Thanks! This is so cool, I'd love to try scuba diving too! Good luck with that! ;)

  4. Photo number 9 looks so delicious!!