Sunday, May 10, 2015

7 Helpful Online Resources For Studying

I'm a huge believer in self education. I may not be particularly interested in physics or chemistry, but I love educatingng myself in many other topics, such as medicine, nutrition, photography, writing, history, business, psychology, etc. Today I wanna share with you my favorite recourses across the Internet that help me with studying. I think this post would also be helpful for everyone at school/college, because it's finals seasonAnyway, let's get to it!

Love this software for checking any texts for grammar mistakes and typos. I use it all the time both for my blog and essays. All you have to do is download this program on your laptop/computer and you can use it every time you need to check any kind of text.

This program is quite similar to the previous one, except you can check your grammar online. The cool thing about this site is that it also identifies overused words, poor language and other things like that. Plus, it can scan your work on plagiarism (you know, in case you decided to copy some parts of your essay).

This is a great one for finding synonyms and antonyms. When I feel that I've kinda used up all the options and repeat the same word over and over again, this is where I go.

Shame on me, I've only recently discovered this site and I'm now super excited to start some new courses. Basically the name speaks for itself, this resource has all kinds of online courses, the majority of which are free and for some you actually have to pay. Make sure to bookmark this site, trust me, you'll need it in your life!

5. YouTube Education Channel

What better way to educate yourself than at home, watching video courses on YouTube. This channel collects all the best educational videos across YouTube. Name any topic and you'll find it there: medicine, math, English, business, psychology, etc.

6. YouTube Crash Course

Another YouTube channel with lots and lots of short courses on any topics. I love how every video has these cool animated illustrations and infographics, which makes the whole process of educations so much better! Definitely check this one out!

7. Calm

Everyone needs breaks and if you think that you don't, you're clearly mistaken. Honestly, this is something I'm still struggling with. I can easily sit on my computer for hours, fully involved in the process, without taking any decent breaks. The result is I start having back pains, feel burned out and extremely tired. That's where this web site goes in. It provides 2, 5 10 and 15 minutes of meditation you can do at your desk (or sometimes I'll just sit on the floor, allowing myself to fully relax). You can close your eyes and just listen to the background voice and nature sounds or you can look at calming pictures. Also, don't forget to take bigger breaks and stepping out of your computer/desk. Trust me, you'll be so much more productive when you come back.

If you know any other resources that might be helpful, write then down below!

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  1. Thanks for all the links! Very useful post! (:

  2. I have never heard of paper rater before, I'm so happy to have discovered it via your blog!

    I have listed some apps that might be helpful in my most recent post: 'Four student-must-have apps' over at :)


  3. Dear Alina!, thanks for this great post! I already was using ginger and grammarly! but I will definitely give a try to paper rater! I will also see if I can find something interesting in cursera! thanks for sharing!!!

  4. Irina ShevlyakovaMay 10, 2015 at 12:25 PM

    Спасибо! Очень полезный пост!

  5. It's a great one, you should definitely try it! I'll check out your post :)

  6. I'm a strong believer of self education as well. I think that what we learn in school is good and all, but there's nothing like learning things you actually want to learn outside of what they don't teach at schools. These all seem like great resources :) Thanks for the suggestions, I'll be using some of these to prepare for finals. I can't wait for school to end haha.

  7. Exactly! I think it's much more important to educate yourself in the subjects you're truly passionate about! I love reading books and articles on many topics and the things I've learned through that were actually more useful to me than the ones I've learned in school (I'm not saying everything I've learn in school is useless, but a lot of the information is simply excessive).

  8. No that totally makes sense. What we learn in school is just kind of like an expansion on what we learned the previous year and it teaches us how to think critically. Like you said, self-educating allows you to learn about things that you have interest in and actually want to learn.