Sunday, May 31, 2015

Weekly Links

1. Healthy coconut bars that are perfect for Summer! (

2. How to be successful at whatever you do. (

3. 15 Podcasts by creative women entrepreneurs. (

4. Find out what your name says about your personality. (

5. Great tips for better skin from Cara Delvigne. (

6. Love this video with kids, describing their bad emotions and how they deal with them. (

Thanks for reading! 



  1. Thanks for sharing! Excited to listen to some new podcasts! xx

  2. Aww!! The video of the little kids describing their emotions is so cute, they honestly did so good describing it. <3 Kids can honestly sometimes be more reasonable then adults. OMG and the what does your name say about your personality is a little scarily accurate :O


  3. Me too! Can't wait to have some free time to listen to these :)

  4. Yes, exactly! Kids can be really wise sometimes. My personality test result was precisely accurate too!