Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Black & Blush {My Birthday: Part I}

Here we go, I finally finished editing the photos from my birthday! It was such a great day, packed with different events and funny moments. I was so happy to have my two best friends with me, who made this day even better.

I've really come to appreciate friendship this year. These amazing people, I call my friends, bring so much joy and happiness in my life and as cheesy as it may sound, without them my life just wouldn't be the same. Also, with years passing by you begin to understand who are your true friends that will stay with you no matter what. In school, you may hang out with them every single day and take it for granted, but as soon as the adult life starts, you really have to make time to meet with your friends, despite all the other thing you have to deal with (college, work, family, etc.)

On that note, let's talk about my outfit I've chosen for that day. I decided to go with a baggy black dress from Zara that makes me feel super comfortable, pairing it with a boyfriend style blazer in a beautiful blush color. On my feet I had my favorite black sandals, which nearly killed me by the end of the day (so much walking!). They're actually quite comfortable, unless you're planning on walking a couple of kilometers (didn't see that coming). Oh, and I've made my signature donut bun on the head.

I have some more photographs from the cafe, I'll post later. Stay tuned for that!

{Photos by Anya}

DRESS: Zara (similar here) | BLAZER: Topshop | SHOES: Zara (similar here) | BAG: Love Republic | EARRINGS: Diva
Thanks for reading! 


  1. Lovely photos I am such a fan of blazers


  2. Me too! They instantly make every outfit look polished!

  3. Super cool, great post. I love the black sandals!!
    Enjoy the day, dear.

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  4. Nice blazer! <3

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    Thank you :)

  5. OMG! Your Shoes!! <3 and your entire outfit! :) You looked so stunning. The blush color blazer really compliments your skin tone. So happy to hear you had a great time. Friendship really is a big part of our lives.


  6. Happy belated birthday! Your hair looks lovely like this and loving the shoes!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style & Beauty Blog

  7. aw happy birthday!! You're too cute!

    Mara M Loves M

  8. Gorgeous outfit, those shoes are killer!

    Jenn |

  9. Beautiful, Happy Birthday Gorgeous!

  10. Thank you, that's really sweet of you!

  11. Happy birthday! Great shoes!

  12. Happy belated birthday! I'm loving your outfit!

    XOXO Jo

  13. Love the color of your blazer, so cute!

  14. Lovely pics!

    Victoria | GlamFizz

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  15. I love your blazer!! You look so elegant in this outfit!
    keep it up!<3
    anw check out my summer look please, and also i'd love to keep in touch with fellow fashion blogger<3