Saturday, June 6, 2015

How To Be More Productive And Get More Things Done

I've always been a huge fan of to-do lists and being productive feels amazing to me, but I'm a human being and sometimes I have those day when I'm procrastinating and struggling with finishing even one task, let alone another 10 that need to be done. Here are my tips on how to pull yourself together and manage to get shit done in a short period of time.

1. Plan | I can't stress enough how much of a difference it makes writing things down. I've made it a habit to put everything that needs to be done in my planner and that have made a tremendous effect in my productivity. If you remember, I'd done a post on how to-do lists have changed my life. You can find it here. So, the next time you have an idea, write it down! This way you won't need to keep it in your head and there are less chances you'd forget about it. I also love to cross tasks out, gives you a great sense of satisfaction.

2. Concentrate on one task | While multitasking can be a good thing when both of your doings don't require your full attention, like cleaning and listening to a podcast/audiobook, doing your nails and watching an episode of your favorite tv-show, most of the cases in only distracts you and as a result, you don't get to finish either of your tasks. I've tried myself doing one thing at a time and giving my full attention to this subject, and I gotta say that I did a much better (and quicker!) job this way, opposed to juggle between two deals.

3. Take Breaks | That's actually a huge one. Please please please, take breaks during your work. I'm kinda guilty of not doing it myself, since I get really involved in the process and can not seem to stop. It isn't a good thing though, because at the end, I feel worn out, tired  and don't wanna do anything at all afterwards. This is something I'm still working on, but I try really hard to step out of my desk, do something else (or nothing at all), maybe take a walk, which is even better because movement is incredibly good for you.

4. Create routines | I'm the kind of person who likes everything organized to every detail and I also like my routines, like waking up at a certain time (I'm an early bird)arranging stuff at my desk in a certain order, working out specifically in the evening (helps with stress and I can fully concentrate on my workout), reading before bed and so on. And honestly, when one of these things shifts or I don't have time for it, I get kinda annoyed and don't feel that good. OK, the point is that these routines save me time, I don't need to try to find time for these activities, since I already know when, where and how I'm gonna do them. Having made my own way of working also helps a lot.

5. Stop checking social media | Guilty!!! This gotta be a reminder to myself, first of all, since it's so hard for me to eliminate this habit. I love instagram (like really LOVE!) and I don't even wanna think how many times a day I check my feed. I know for sure how much distraction it brings and how much time I could have saved on this one. So, let's be strong together and fight these temptations!

6. Track time | Do this, you'd be surprised how much time it takes to do some tasks! Some of them can be done in such a small amount of time (yes, the ones you've been putting of all this time, because "Nah, it'd take so much time to do!") and some of them are actually quite time consuming.

7. Give yourself some credit | Thing won't always go perfect and shit happens no matter how hard you try to accomplish something on time. We live in a world where everyone is super busy and new information is flying by so fast that we can't keep up with everything. You need to feel good when you complete a task, and don't beat yourself up if you haven't finished everything you planned. I know, sometimes I also feel like there's never enough, I'm never doing enough and so much more could have been done, but it's not true. You need to be realistic, set realistic goals for the day and allow yourself to rest at the end of the day. Otherwise, you just wouldn't be able to enjoy your life.

Thanks for reading! 


  1. Really great advice :-) thanks for giving your own take on everything you made very good points .

  2. Love this advice! I'm going to have to use this when classes start back up in the Fall!

    xo, Lauren-lee

    Lauren-lee Grace Beauty & Fashion

  3. The first tip is literally spot on! haha I always tend to tell myself that I don't need to write it down because I'll remember it but I almost always forget about it haha. Crossing things off of a list is definitely very satisfying. These are all such great tips :) Thanks for sharing <3


  4. They really helped me with studying this year!

  5. I now try to write down EVERYTHING, even the smallest tasks/thoughts, and it actually helps a lot! :)

  6. I'm ALWAYS trying to be more productive. Your tip about tracking time is actually something I've been meaning to try ever since I heard about the 10 minute challenge.

  7. I'm going to try to do that because I always tend to forget so I'm going to leave a journal in my bag from now on :)

  8. I'll keep this post in bookmarks. Thank you very much <3