Sunday, June 14, 2015

Weekly Links

1. Are you Instagram addicted? You'll love these 5 tips for taking the perfect #flatlay Instagram photo. (

2. Love Jessica Alba's speech on how she overcame "not feeling smart" as a businesswoman. (

3. 6 Surprising benefits of sleeping naked. (

4. Check out this list of tunes to get you through a cardio workout. (

5. Find out what's your personality type. (

6. I'm in love with this baby blue jacket. (

Thanks for reading! 


  1. oooh that music list for workouts <3

  2. I got really excited when I saw that you posted a weekly links haha :D As always great links! I was very surprised to read all the benefits that sleeping in the nude has :O I think I'll have to try it out sometime, but maybe once I have my own place haha I don't really think it would be a good idea to do that when I'm still living at home because I'm a very crazy sleeper and most of the time wake up without a blanket. I can see how it would be better though because I do get very frustrated when I'm trying to fall asleep but my shirt gets all twisted. I Love the playlist! My personality type is INFJ, I always score that whenever I take these tests so I guess thats my official personality type, whats yours? :) Also, I'd love to read the article on jessica alba but I think you accidentally linked the blue sweater for it (which is very pretty so I'm not complaining haha).


  3. Yeesss! I am instagram addicted. Totally checking out.

    Tegan xx - Permanent Procrastination

  4. Yeah, just what I needed for my workouts, I kinda got tired of all the music in my player :)

  5. I'm really happy you like "Weekly Links"! :) I think sleeping naked sometimes would be nice, especially in the summer time. My personality type is ISTG, it's the second time I get it, so I guess it's my official personality type too :) Oh, and I've changed the link for Jessica Alba's speech, so you can check it out now ;)

  6. Me too, so I had to include this link :)

  7. Thanks for sharing these super useful links.Since I love to flat-lay almost everything I'll definitely have to take a look at the first article. (insta-addict hello)

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  9. Oh i love IG so I check out the 1st one.

    Great links


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  10. Can't wait to check out all of these links,I'm most excited about reading the article about taking perfect instagram photo,I'm obsessed with instagram.Lovely post <3

    Valentina from

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