Sunday, June 28, 2015

Weekly Links

1. 9 Sunday life hacks for a more productive week. (

2. Feeling down? Here are 10 ways to lift yourself up. (

3. 7 Crucial conversation tactics you should be using. (

4. The best healthy Netflix documentaries. (

5. 6 Easy ways to look polished in jeans. (

6. Would be nice to try these 4th of July healthy drinks and desserts. (

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  1. thanks for sharing! :D

    Have a great week!

    Animated Confessions

  2. The 7 crucial conversation tactics made such great points!! If I'm having a conversation with someone and they use my name it kind of makes it feel more personal like "yeah that person is talking to me and they remembered my name" :D haha. Which is why I love to do that and it also helps to remember the persons name if you say if often. Especially if you tend to forget names easy. I also really agree with the making a mental list of topics because I hate when the conversations just go to awkward silence. I also really love the 10 ways to lift yourself up, I'm going to bookmark it so I can come back to it whenever I need to :)


  3. Прекрасный пост:)
    Нашла тебя на просторах контакта в Fashion bloggers. Уже в ПЧ!:)
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  4. I've made it a point to use peoples' names in conversations more often. That's definitely a really great tip, as it gives a sense of personalization! :)