Saturday, August 15, 2015

How To Become A Morning Person

I’ve never been a morning person in my whole life, until about a year ago when I gradually started to wake up early. Now I’m  wide awake at 6-7AM every single day. I can’t even tell you how good it feels to get done thousands of things before 12AM. It’s a well-known fact that the most successful people are early birds and like to start their day before the rest of the world. Early mornings have also become my “me time”, when I can make myself a nice breakfast, read while I’m eating it, take a shower and have as much time as I need to before heading out of the door.

Also, here is a morning playlist I put together some time ago.

1. Go to bed earlier!
This is what you should start with, because no mater how much you want to wake up super early, there’s no way you can do it if you go to sleep after midnight. So, prepare yourself for bed, calm down and get yourself a nice 8 hours of sleep.

2. Have a reason to wake up.
The next thing you should do is find something that you’ll be excited about in the morning, whether it’s a nice breakfast, your dog, yoga workout or new videos/posts on the Internet. Trust me, once you have something to wake up to, you wouldn’t want to lay in bed.

3. Put the alarm clock far from your bed.
I’ve developed this habit by a pure accident. My phone had to be charged on the other side of the room and therefore to turn it off in the morning I had to get out of bed, take a few steps and hit the button. After all of that, I didn’t really feel like going back to bed.

4. Don’t hit the snooze one.
I know it’s a tricky one and requires some self-discipline, but it’s also a really important one. Try to make it a habit to wake up when the first alarm goes off. When you hit this snooze button you just slowly get deeper and deeper into a black hole. Be realistic with yourself about what time you’re going to wake up and stick with that.

5. Have a morning ritual.
As I’ve said earlier now that I’m waking up earlier, I can do everything in a slow motion without any rush and that allows me to enjoy every minute of my morning. Make yourself a nice breakfast and maybe read a magazine or a book while you’re enjoying it, take a shower, listen to your favorite music and set a great mood for the day.

6. Let the light in.
Don’t draw the curtains, let the morning light in! Now that it’s bright as day at 5AM you can use this amazing opportunity to help you wake up. It’s a no brainer, that waking up to the sun is a lot better rather than waking up to a complete darkness. Your brain would naturally be ready, once you open your eyes.

Thanks for reading! 

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