Wednesday, October 7, 2015

My Planner Organization

If you've beeen a reader of my blog for a while, you may remember my posts on how to be more productive and the power of to-do lists. There's no secret that I'm a huge organized freak and having a planner at hand is what helps me to stay sane most of the time and keep track of the tasks I need to accomplish that day/month. Today I wanna share with you how I organize my planner and make the whole process of planning more enjoyable.

1. Pretty Stationery. While it may be not the most important part, it sure as hell gets me excited. Every time I buy notebooks, pens, stickers, post-it notes, is like a little party. I've always love cute little things, and was able to discover my passion for all things stationary at quite an early age. I just think that writing in a cute planner makes the whole process a thousand times more exciting!

2. Weekly Planning. As you can see in the photos, I've divided every week into 8 sections, 7 days of the week and a little space for notes. In every section I write down my daily schedule and all the events I have that day, if any. I didn't have much written that week, but now I have my classes and exact time when they start and end. Plus, I write down the assignments for each day.

3. Post-it Notes. Then I add a post-it note on the side every day and write down all the tasks I need to accomplish that day. I try to include even the smallest things (clean makeup brushes, buy a nail polish remover, shoot an email, etc.), so that I don't need to keep everything in my head and can think about much more important stuff. I tick off the little box, once I'm done. You have no idea how much satisfaction it gives you to look at your list at the end of the day and see how much tasks you've accomplished. The next day, or at the end of the week, I remove the post-it notes, since I don't need them any more. The tasks I didn't do that day, I write down for the next one.

4. Inspiration. To motivate me in especially difficult moments, I write down a little quote at the top of the page. I make sure it's something uplifting and inspiring. I have a whole board of sayings on my pinterest. I normally scroll down through it and find something that resonates with me the most that week.

5. Stickers and Colorful Pens. As mentioned above, stationary is my everything, and that's why I like to spice things up with bright colors and stickers here and there. I try not to go crazy and keep my planner somewhat minimalistic and professional, but you still can find a tiny sticker here and there, and I like to highlight the most important tasks, so I can see them first. 

Do you have a planner? If yes, I'd love to know your tips and tricks! What helps you to stay organized and how you make the whole process more interesting?

Also, I've made a round-up of my favorite notebooks down below ;)

Thanks for reading! 


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