Friday, January 29, 2016

Life Lately

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{Last days of holiday decor}
I finally have some time off and a whole week ahead of me to relax (for the most part). Although I'm pretty happy about it, I sometimes feel eager to just go places and do things. Which leads me to the topic of balance. I've recently heard this quote "Balance is like a unicorn" and I can relate to it on so many levels! I'm constantly struggling to find a balance between work and rest, staying at home and going out, doing my best and not being too hard on myself...

Anyway, while I was stuck at home due to the terrible weather outside, I've picked up regular reading, which is amongst my resolutions this year. One of my new favorites is "#GIRLBOSS", you've probably seen me posting about it on instagram. I've only started reading it and I'm already obsessed. If you want me to, I might do a post about it on the blog. Also, I now have more time to create new content, which hopefully means more posts for you.

Wishing you all lovely weekend and have fun!

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{Fresh flowers at home is always a good idea}
 {GUM with all the light on}

 {Memories from 2015}

{Minimal makeup + dainty jewelry}

Thanks for reading! 

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