Wednesday, February 24, 2016

My 5 Favorite Podcasts

My 5 Favorite Podcasts
I think we can all agree that podcasts are the new 'it' thing. I discovered them about half a year ago and they've changed my life! I now listen to them all the time, when I'm on my morning commute, walking outside, sitting in a post office, doing chores at home. They brighten up my daily life and give me so much new knowledge and inspiration to start doing something with my life. In fact, I'm sure that I've gotten a lot smarter over this months I've been listening to the shows :D Anyway, I hope you find some new podcats for yourself in my post and, please, do share any of your favorites!

1. #GIRLBOSS Radio This has to be my favorite podcast ever! I'm all about girl power and being a boss in your own life and that podcast represents exactly those things. It's an extension of a '#GIRLBOSS' book which you've totally heard about (unless you're living under a rock). I finally bought the book a couple of weeks ago and let me tell you, it's totally worth reading (blog post on it really soon, stay tuned!). As for the podcast, expect to hear some #girlboss moments and deep conversations with all kinds of inspiring people, including Charlize Theron, Grace Helbig and many others.

2. Stuff You Should Know This one is my latest discovery. If you're a massive nerd and like to learn new things all the time, you'll guarantee to love it! Every episode the hosts of the podcast discuss one topic, diving deep into it and finding out how stuff works. It can be anything from How schizophrenia works, How fear works, How caffeine works, How police dogs work, etc. Those are just a couple examples.

3. The Lively Show. This is quite a popular podcast, but I somehow discovered it only recently. A lot of the guests on the show are bloggers and creatives, who have to say a lot of interesting things about blogging, business and their personal lives.

4. This is your life This should be a go-to podcast for people who are ambitious, want to build n amazing career and just in general succeed in life. The host of the show is Michael Hyatt, who's the former Chairman and CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishers. Every episode he gives tips on productivity, leadership, online presence, etc. There are 7 seasons so far, so you'll have a lot of episodes to get into.

5. Make It Happen This is another great podcast for bloggers and creatives. Jen, who's the host of the show, interviews really awesome ladies, who are extremely passionate about their creative businesses and do everything to pursue their dreams. So inspiring!

My Top 5 Podcasts
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