Tuesday, February 2, 2016

The Power Of A Blazer

Black Blazer Outfit
Speaking of powerful combinations, here's another fool-proof outfit that will instantly make you put-together. There's just something about blazers that makes any outfit more sleek. Even on days when I don't feel like putting a lot of effort into my outfit, I know that I can always put on a blazer on top of a simple base (ex. jeans + top) and look somewhat presentable.

In this look I went for my favorite bottom part which includes black skinny pants and a pair of my favorite black ankle boots from Zara. I literally cannot stop wearing these boots, as you've probably already noticed (1,2,3). I left links to a few of my other favorites down below, so you can check them out.

What are your go-to pieces to instantly look put-together?

Alina Ermilova | Outfit | Black Blazer
Moscow | Winter
Black Blazer Look | Fashion Blogger
Black Blazer Look | Fashion Blogger | Alina Ermilova
Monochrome Outfit | Fashion Blogger
Moscow | Russia | Winter
{Photos by Anya}

BLAZER: Romwe | TOP: Zara | PANTS: Zara | BOOTS: Zara

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