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How To Stay Warm and Stylish When It's Cold

Alina Ermilova | Fashion Blogger | Fedora | Black Coat
Today I wanna talk about something that I'm currently struggling with every single day. If you also live in a cold climate, I'm sure you can relate to that - how the hell can I stay warm and still look on point. I've made a post some time ago on why I always put effort into my outfits and nothing can stop me from doing it, even the cold. I've accumulated some tricks after the years of dressing for the cold and now I'm ready to share them with you.

1. Invest in a great coat. This one should probably go without saying. If you're planning to survive that winter, you might as well buy at least one great coat that would both keep you warm and flattering. I personally hate those huge bulky jackets that make you look like a penguin (love penguins, but don't wanna look like one all the time!). So the key is to look for a long coat that would elongate your silhouette. Here's my post with the best coats for winter.

2. Hats, hats, hats. This is my relatively new discovery. Try to switch a beanie for a fedora for a more chic look. I'm actually a huge fan of hats, as they make any outfit 1000 times cooler (the same with sunglasses). Most of the time they surprisingly manage to keep your head warm. The only thing I wouldn't recommend doing is wearing a hat in the windy weather, I think yoi can guess why...

3. Wrap yourself in a blanket scarf. The day I discovered those huge blanket scarves has changed my life. I now wear one religiously almost every single day, inside and outside. There are so many ways to style it and besides being super handy when it starts getting chilly, it also can add that oomph to any outfit.

4. Become a layering pro. Here comes my favorite tip - layering. Layer the shit out of your clothes! Try multiple layers, like top, shirt, jacket, coat. It taskes some practive and mostly happens through trial and error, but once you master that skill and know what items in your closet go with what, all of your looks will be on point.

5. Black turtleneck is now your best friend. Yes, I'm convince that everyone should own a black turtleneck, and I personally worn the shit out of mine. This item of clothing saved my life so many times and it literally goes with everything. Throw a jacket on it, a vest, layer it up, add some necklaces or a collar, put a dress on top, so whatever the hell you want with it!

6. Thermal underwear. If all fails, just go for thermal underwear. It's especially handy when you're gonna be in the cold for a long time or need to wear that gorgeous dress, yet you wanna still stay alive.

How do you stay warm in the cold? I'd love to hear any tips! Also,

Alina Ermilova | Fashion Blogger | Blanket Scarf
Fashion Blogger | Fedora | Black Coat
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