Friday, March 25, 2016

Life Lately: Blogging, Instagram Change, Snapchat

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It's Fri-yay and I'm so looking forward to wind down. It's been a really productive week for me and I enjoyed blogging probably more than ever. Although, I'm planning on having some down time, I also would love to work more on my blog, write some new posts for you and be fully involved in the creative process. I've been trying to combine fashion and lifestyle in my style posts and share with you a bit more that just a blurb about my outfit, and judging by the comments, the response seems to be pretty good! So, I'm gonna continue to do that and I already have a bunch of new ideas for the future content. Stay tuned!

On another note, as you've probably already heard, instagram are changing their algorithms, which means that now you would be able to see only the top posts first, which supposed to be the most interesting ones for you according to instagram, but in reality, I don't know... I'm personally highly against this change, as the majority of people, so I'm really hoping they wouldn't go through with it. Anyway, if you want to see my updates, you can "turn on post notification" by clicking on the top right corner in my profile.

Speaking of social media platforms, I've been really into Snapchat (alinaermilova) lately! I love the really honest, authentic feel of it and how it's really great for getting to know people better on a more personal level.

Are you into Snapchat? And what do you guys thing about that instagram change?

Alina Ermilova | Instagram
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