Friday, March 18, 2016

Why I Can't Live Without a Leather Jacket

Why I Can't Live Without a Leather Jacket
Leather jacket will always be one of those pieces that just go with everything and make you feel a certain way. I own 3 black leather jackets (different styles!) and I've worn the shit out of every one of them! Here's why I love this article of clothing so much:

1. It makes you feel confident. I think that we can all agree that there's just something about a leather jacket that makes you feel like a bad-ass. I throw mine over pretty much everything and it makes a huge difference! I swear, I even act cooler when I have my jacket on. That's what you call a power of fashion!

2. It goes with practically everything! Following the previous point, leather jacket can literally be thrown over everything. Floral dress? Check. Jeans? Check. Sweatshirt? Check. I'd say it's fair to say "When in doubt, put on a leather jacket!" And in case, you still haven't been convinced, here are plenty other things you can wear it with.

3. It's perfect for that transitional weather. You know that time of the year when it's kinda warm, but not that warm that you can freely walk around in a shirt? Yep, that's the perfect time to pull out your leather jacket! It's not that heavy to carry around in case it gets hot and would keep you warm enough when it's chilly.

4. You'll wear it day and night. Once again, nothing is as universal as a good old leather jacket. As good for a morning coffee run, as for a night out or a date. Btw, my favorite way to wear is with a bodycon dress or a silky top.

What are your thoughts on a leather jacket? Do you own one and is it a staple in your closet?

Leather Jacket Look | Fashion Blogger
Leather Jacket Look | Fashion Blogger 2016
{Photos by Anya}

DRESS: Romwe | JACKET: PeleCheCoco | BOOTS: Bershka | BAG: SammyDress

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