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How To Get Inspired In Your Everyday Life

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Every once in a while I tend to get bored with my daily routine and start really just feeling like I'm loosing my excitement to do anything and have no inspiration. When I'd hit one of those moments a few months ago I thought that it's about time I change something and start paying close attention to the things that make me happy and inspire me. So, here are a few changes I've made:

1. Change your daily commute.

One of the first things I started doing is changing my morning commute. I used to walk the exact same way every single day and with time I began to get tired of it and was in desperate need of a change. It might seem like not a big deal, but ever since I switched my commute and took a different route, I felt so much better! Moreover, I actually started to have longer walks in the morning whenever I have spare time. I enjoy the warm weather and listen to new episodes of my favorite podcasts.

2. Start learning something new.

Next on the list was picking up a new hobby. Nothing major, just an activity (or a couple) I can do in my spare time. I really enjoy learning new things, whatever it may be, and expanding your interests is always fun. I've started learning coding, which I wouldn't have thought in a million years I'd do, but I actually really enjoy it! I think it's a great skill to have these days and will help you a lot, especially if you're blogger.

3. Make reading a habit. 

I'd been reading constantly for a couple years, but recently I've been kinda slacking at it, and I thought I should make a point to read every single day for at least 30 min before going to bed. I'm not gonna lie, it's kinda hard, especially if you're bad at concentration. I've found that the trick is to schedule time for it like you would for work. Commit to it and you'll see what a huge difference it'll make in your life. I really believe that books are one of the best and cheapest ways to get valuable education. Also, I might do a post on my favorite non-fiction books I've read in the last years. Let me know if you'd be interested!

4. Meet new people.

This is quite a tough one for me as I'm a total introvert. As much as I love meeting cool people, it's also extremely hard for me to reach out to them and start the conversation. But actually one of the best things in the world is when you meet new people who have something interesting to say, who can teach you something, tell a great story or simply entertain you, so you'd completely lose the track of time. There's a great quote for that: "Everyone you'll ever meet knows something you don't". Even if at first sight you may think you don't share any common interests with a person, you should really give them a chance. It may surprise you what they have to say.

5. Turn off the auto-pilot.

You all probably heard this new "it" word - mindfulness. So, wtf is actually mindfulness?! Basically it's a fancy way of saying - be present! We do so many things on auto-pilot without even noticing it. I'm sure you all had those moments when you're in the shower and suddenly think to yourself "Wait, did I brush my teeth or not?". You genuinely might not remember because it's not something you even think twice about. You do that so many times, your brain is on auto-pilot at that moment and doesn't require any additional effort from you. While it's OK to continue doing some tasks that way, you should really stop at times and be mindful about what's going on around you. Following my previous point, try to take a different route on your walk, switch out your typical breakfast meal, overall, just try to do daily tasks in a different way.

6. Chill the fuck out. 

Yep, last but not least, just chill the fuck out! We're all so caught up with being busy, that we literally sometimes forget to live (and enjoying it). Nobody has time these days and while it may sound cool, it's not. Carve some time for yourself and try to enjoy the ride. I have a hard time switching off and going into relaxation mode, and that's something I'm still working on. Some of the things that helped me pretty much listed here, which include reading, working out, coloring, morning walks and having deep conversations with people without touching my phone. I should probably also do a separate blog post on how I'm learning to switch off and enjoy the little things without feeling like I'm missing out.

Wooh, that was a long post!

Would love to hear any of your thoughts on this topic!

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