Tuesday, April 19, 2016

What Makes A Great Outfit

Street Style 2016 | Casual Outfit
In today's post I wanna discuss what makes a great outfit, what are the key elements of a successful look and how to always look your best. I've already shared with you my process of choosing an outfit for the day and now I wanna expand this topic a bit and name key elements of every great look.

1. Being comfortable. This is probably the single most important thing about any outfit! I know whatcha thinking, those heels in your (and mine) closet doesn't really appear anywhere near comfortable. But the thing is, there are different kinds of comfort. One - is wearing a pair of heels that may not be as good as sneakers, but still allow you to walk painless and have fun, another - is wearing any pair of shoes that leaves your poor feet in blisters and causes you real physical pain or a super tight dress that makes you suck your stomach all day and being afraid to eat any food. Just do yourself a favor, and wear an outfit that is BOTH chic and comfortable!

2. Go with your mood. Then, personally for me, the next important thing is how I'm feeling that day. I always dress for my mood and sometimes that mood is wearing all black (I know, we've all been there). Nevertheless, a good outfit is the one you're feeling that day. If you wear a pink suit and a pair of high heels - go for it! Feeling those casual vibes with a pair of boyfriend jeans - cool, go rock them!

3. Special touches. We all know by now that accessories can either make or break an outfit. I think that those little details can make a huge difference and really take your look to a whole other level. I have a few dainty jewelry that I wear on a daily basis and that go pretty much with everything, and then I also have statement pieces that can add a lot to a plain base like a simple tee and a pair of jeans. I'm also a huge fan of sunglasses, there's just something about them that can make you 1000 times cooler in an instant (they're also great when you have no makeup on!). I'm wearing here my new pair of vintage sunglasses by Hindsight Vintage.

4. Makeup and hair. Yes, those are a part of your outfit too. As much as you might put effort into your clothes, you should put twice as much effort into your grooming. After all, you want people to see you, the person wearing the clothes, not just the outfit. I love playing with bright lipstick as I would with accessories. It can add that final touch to the look and get all the attention to your face (also great for days when you don't feel like putting a lot of effort into your makeup and outfit).
Do you agree with my points? What do you think makes a great outfit?

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Hindsight Vintage Sunglasses | Fashion Blogger

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