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5 Tips To Look Expensive

5 Tips to look expensive | Fashion
We've already talked about my process of choosing an outfit and what makes a great outfit, and today I wanna discuss the topic of making your clothes look more expensive (without actually spending thousands of dollars). There are lots of ways to do it and today I wanna share with you my tips!

1. Go for monochromatic colors

Every time I wanna appear more put together, I go for a monochromatic color scheme (black, white, grey, camel). The thing is that bright colors can sometimes look tacky. Of course, a little bit of color here and there can look stunning, but just try to stay away from neon items and color blocking. When trying to create an expensive looking outfit - less is more. All-black combinations also work every time (examples: here and here)!

2. Structured silhouettes

Another super important tip is to look for structured silhouettes. It's no secret that well-tailored pieces create a beautiful shape and therefore always look amazing. Leave baggy clothes for those off-duty looks and reach for long coats, blazers and jackets. I also find that well-fitted blazers, make me feel a certain way. And as I've said in my recent post, feeling comfortable in your outfit is the most important thing of all!

3. Invest in shoes & bags

I think we all know this one by now. If you invest only in a couple things, let it be shoes and bags! The truth is that you don't even need to spend hundreds and thousands of dollars, you an easily find a couple pairs that you will be able to wear with pretty much every outfit in your closet. If you look closely, you'll see that I wore my black ankle boots in every other outfit and I have no shame about it! the same goes for my bags, ever since I got my mini bag, I've been carrying it around every single day. Following previous point, go for structured bags, they can instantly elevate any outfit!

4. Chic accessories

After we have the base of an outfit, what can truly make a difference and either make or break the outfit are accessories, aka jewelry, sunglasses, hats, etc. I'm a huge fan of sunglasses, there's something about them that can make you look extra cool in a second. Hats are also great, always add oomph to any outfit. As for the jewelry, I like to go for minimalistic pieces, as they go with everything and always look chic.

5. Red lip 

And last but not least, red lip! Whenever I'm feeling kinda meh, I reach for red lipstick and it makes all the difference! Makeup is a really powerful thing and can totally change the whole look. Red lip is the ultimate accessory and can even make you feel differently.

Hope you find those tips helpful and let me know if you have any of yours!

Tips to look more expensive
Tips for making your clothes look more expensive
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COAT: Zakuz | PANTS: Zara | TOP: Zara | SHOES: Zara | Bag: SammyDress | SUNGLASSES: Hindsight Vintage

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