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How To Get More Snapchat Followers

How To Get More Snapchat Followers
Ok, let's talk about my new obsession - Snapchat (You can follow me at alinaermilova)! The main reason why I love this platform so much is because of its realness and how you can basically see what people are up to in real time, instead of seeing a curated image on instagram (still love instagram tho!). More and more people start using Snapchat every single day and it's one of the fastest growing social media platforms right now, which is totally not surprising, as Snapchat allows us to get as close to real life as possible.

So, how can you gain followers there? The biggest struggle with Snapchat is that you can't see a person's story until you follow them and there's no discovery page. Whether you're a blogger, a business or simply want some action on your personal account, here are 5 tips on how to build a following on Snapchat:

How to build a Snapchat following

1. Tease your Snapchat story on other social media platforms. 

This is probably the biggest tip I can give you. To spark interest in your account, you have to offer people a little peek into what they can expect to see in your story. The next time you have something interesting to share (Which is the all-time goal. I mean, why would anyone follow you for boring snaps that bring zero value to them), share a couple snaps or a short video on your other social media platforms (instagram, twitter, facebook) and tell your followers what more they can find on your Snapchat.

Snapchat tips and tricks for bloggers

2. Share exclusive content.

That leads us to the next point. Give people a reason to follow you on yet another platform. What can they get from it? It shouldn't particularly be 10 minute story of you sharing some highly classified information or snaps from the top of a mountain (although, that would be cool!), but rather just something entertaining. Those can be your real life shots that you always wanted to share with your community, but they didn't quite fit instagram format or made it into any of your blog posts. Quick tips on anything are also great, try to provide people with some value, in any form you can. If you're a business, sharing special coupon codes works great. For bloggers it'd be hosting a Q&A or sharing your favorite makeup, clothes, recipes, etc.

Snapchat for bloggers

3. Get personal.

This is what Snapchat is all about! Nobody wants to see curated images and high quality content right there. As I've said, Snapchat is all about realness and instant, in-the-moment snaps. Video format is great! Give your followers a chance to get to know you better. Viedo is as close to real life as it gets and I personally has grown closer to a lot of bloggers I follow on Snapchat after watching their daily stories. If you don't feel comfortable in front of the camera, 15 seconds snaps that you can choose to post or not are a great way to start.

How to grow a following on Snapchat

4. Add your Snapchat handle on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Another way to promote your Snapchat is leaving your handle on every other social media bio. If you look at my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, you'll see that I have my handle in every bio. That's the first thing people see when visiting your pages, and it's only reasonable that you utilize this space to your advantage.
How to build an audience on Snapchat

5. Be consistent.

And last but not least, as with all things in life, you gotta be consistent. If you make a commitment to use Snapchat a drag a bunch of people to your profile, you better update your story on a regular basis. Unfortunately, these days we all have quite a short attention span and to stay in the game, you gotta get yourself out there and try to stay in people's minds.

That's pretty much it. I'd love to hear your thought on Snapchat, whether you're on it or not and who are your favorite people to follow! Once again, you can find me at alinaermilova, I post snaps from my daily life, my favorite quick recipes (breakfast, salads and stuff like that) and take you along to explore Moscow on the weekend! ;)

How To Get More Snapchat Followers

Thanks for reading! 

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