Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Life Lately: My Weekend, Being Sick At Home, Chilling Out

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Ok, here are a few life updates. First of all, I had an amazing weekend, but later on that, just throwing it out there, so you wouldn't think this post is fully depressing. Well, currently I'm sick, not in an i-am-dying kinda way, but I just feel meh... My throat is killing me, so I've had like 5-6 cups of tea today so far (it helps!). On the bright side, I'm still trying to be productive and writing new blog posts, since I'm stuck at home anyway. That's also probably the first time in months I'm not leaving the house. I mean, it's super gloomy outside anyway and I don't really feel like moving today at all.

I've been reading a lot lately, 30 minutes to 1 hour every day before bed and today I managed to read in the middle of the day for quite some time. If you're interested, I'm currently reading 2 books: Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte and Social Intelligence by Daniel Goleman. They're the absolute opposites, but I like to reach for one or the other, depending on my mood. I'm also gonna do a post on my favorite non-fiction book really soon, stay tuned for that!

As for my weekend, I had an amazing time and managed to fully recharge for the week. If you wanna get an idea of my ideal day off, check out this and this post. I love getting out of the house on the weekend and I always try to visit new places to get inspired, as it can be tiring to have the same routine every single day.

For my outfit I went with a super cute collar dress that has those preppy vibes (you've seen me wearing it here). This time I decided to style it in a totally different way with a pair of my new slip ons (the comfiest shoes in the world) and a tiny backpack which adds a bit of edge to the outfit.

What are you up to this week? I hope you're feeling better than I do. Would love to hear your thoughts on my outfit!

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DRESS: SheIn | SHOES: JollyChic | BACKPACK: JollyChic | SUNGLASSES: Hindsight Vintage

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{Had to take a photo in from of the Chanel store, makes the perfect backdrop}

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 {Obsessed with this tiny backpack}

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 {The coolest store window}

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{Coffee rituals at Costa Coffee}

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{How cute is this coffee art! I always add cinnamon to my lattes}

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