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My Top 12 Travel Instagrams

Top 12 Travel Instagrams

Andrea is a Milan based photographer, whom I've been following for quite a while. I absolute love his shots that include architecture, food, lifestyle and everything in between. Side note: you'd probably wanna go to Milan asap!

It's not much of a secret that I'm a huge fan of instagram. I mean, sometimes I feel like I have a problem, but that post is not about that... Today I actually wanna share with you my favorite travel instagram accounts. Trust me, those instagrams will give you a major case of wanderlust and you'd probably also want to pack your bags and go explore the world asap.

P.S. While we're on the topic of instagram, you can check out how I edit my instagram photos and my top instagrams of 2014.

The best travel instagrams

I've been following Polina for years now and it's been great not only to see her amazing shots from Amsterdam and all over the world, but also getting a glimpse into her life. You can also find more in depth travel posts on her blog.

12 travel instagram to follow now

Sonya's profile is a long favorite of mine. She has the most beautiful, magical shots, filled with light tenderness. Expect to find lots of photographs of the sea, flowers and mountains.

Travel instagrams to inspire your wanderlust

Lina is a true jet setter. I don't know how many countries she's visited so far, but I'm pretty sure she has photos from all parts of the world. I always feel incredibly inspired after scrolling through her instagram and find lots of cool places for future trips.

Favorite instagrams | travel inspiration

I gotta say this's one of the most stylish profiles out there. I'm completely obsessed with Patrick's shots and every time I look at his feed, I desperately wanna go to NY!

my favorite travel instagrams | Blogger

First of all, we have the same, which is pretty amazing, since I don't meet people with the name Alina that often. And second of all, I'm in love with Alina's photos of Paris. If you haven't been in love with this city before, you certainly will.

The best travel instagrams | Alina Ermilova

Charissa's instagram immediately sparked my love for New York. It's no secret that I'm borderline obsessed with this city and her instagram represents the vibes of NY just perfectly!

The best travel instagram accounts

This instagram will definitely mesmerize you with its shots from all over the world! Olga definitely knows how to capture the moment and transform it into a beautiful photograph.

Travel instagram accounts

I love how Mike's account has that modern London vibe, showcasing the best spots in the city. You can expect lots of colorful houses, beautiful architecture, and occasional lifestyle shots.

My top travel instagram profiles

I bet you guessed by the name what this instagram is about hah! If you wanna follow one instagram about London, this is it! Filled with the most gorgeous photographs from the best profiles, you'll guarantee to get addicted to this account!

The best travel instagrams from around the world

Sofi also lives in Moscow, which is pretty cool and I'm absolutely in love with her account! She's a regular traveler and has photos from the most unique places in the world, like Göreme, Turkey.

travel instagrams | Blog

This one is a pretty well-known account, but if you haven't seen it before, you should definitely check it out! It consists of professional looking, unique photos that make you wanna look twice.

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