Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Flats That Look As Chic As Heels

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As much as I love wearing heels, it's just not practical most of the time, especially when the temperature reaches 30 degrees, Thanks, but I'll stick to flats in this case! But while sneakers can be a nice option, sometimes you need something more elegant that would go with blazers and dresses. I got ya covered, here are some of my favorite flats from all over the Internet which look as chic as heels! Comfortable and stylish? Yep, sign me up!

What do you prefer in the summer time? You keep wearing heels as often or stick to flats most of the time?

Btw, can we talk for a second about my favorite color combo - black and blush? Isn't it's the most perfect alliance ever created by human beings! So, if you ever see me not wearing black, I'd probably be in my black & blush combo :D

Also, I'm no longer gonna have my Google+ account, so if you want stay updated with my posts, you can follow along on Bloglovin'.

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{Photos by Anya}

BLAZER: Topshop | FLATS: Zara (similar here) | BAG: SammyDress (similar here) | POM POM: H&M (similar here) | RING & BRACELET: Star Harvest Jewelry | RING: Whitelake

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