Saturday, June 25, 2016

Life Lately: Coffee shops, Books, Working Out, Snapchat

Macaron pyramid
It's been a really great week so far and the number one reason for that is me being busy all the time. So, I've figured out that to be in a good mood, I should be doing smth all the time, keep moving and switching from task to task. Now, don't get me wrong, I love my down time, but as soon as I start to get too much of it, I'm bored, unstimulated and eager to get busy again.

+COFFEE SHOPS: Another recent realization for me was how much my productivity rises in coffee shops. I've been spending quite a lot of time there, mostly working, and maybe chilling out a bit too. I just love the atmosphere in there, other people on their laptops, the smell of coffee... I mean, it couldn't be just me, right? Would love to know your opinion on that!

+ BOOKS: As I've mentioned here, I've been trying to read a book every single night before going to sleep and so far it's been going great. I'm currently reading "Social Intelligence" by Daniel Goleman and it's really good! It talks a lot about relationships with more of a scientific point of view and explains how different parts of our brain affect change in our social behavior. If you need some recs on nonfictional books, check out this post!

+ WORKOUTS: I've been really into kickboxing lately. I swear, it's the best therapy! I particularly like this and this workout. I should probably do a whole post on my favorite workouts on youtube. Let me know if you'd like to see that!

+ SNAPCHAT: I've been using it nonstop lately, and by lately I mean for a couple of months now. You can follow my days there, I do a lot of walking around the city and take you along with me. And I sometimes share my favorite healthy recipes, if I'm in the mood. You can find me at alinaermilova.

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More photos on my Instagram!

Flatlay | Star Harvest Jewelry | Macarons
{It was so hard not to eat those macarons! Jewelry pieces from Star Harvest Jewelry}

LES cafe | Moscow
{At the opening of 'LES' cafe. That floor tho!}

Shopping window | Moscow
{The prettiest shopping window}

Laduree | Moscow

Rainy morning | Coffee
{Rainy days + coffee}

{Flower overload. How pretty!?}

Lillet | pink mood
{Pink mood with Lillet}

Latte art | Cafe
{The most perfect latte art. And I'm obsessed with their tableware! 'LES' cafe}

Whitelake shop | Jewelry
{New favorite ring from Whitelake}

Breakfast | Alina Ermilova

{Pearl ring from Star Harvest Jewelry}

Artplay | Moscow

{Just casually sitting on a the sofa in the middle of street}

{A piece of NY in Moscow}

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