Friday, July 29, 2016

My Design Collaboration With Dizaria Shop!

Dizaria Shop | Alina Ermilova
Guys, I'm so excited to finally reveal my collaboration with Dizaria Shop! It's small, but kinda a big deal for me! I designed a set of 5 patches that can be worn separately or all together. When I was thinking about the designs, I really wanted to create something that would reflect me and the things that I like. So, here's what I came up with:

+ FRENCH BULLDOG: If you've been following me for quite some time or have seen my old instagram bio, you know I'm a huge dog lover. I love animals in general, but there's just something about dogs that makes me ecstatic. I've been obsessed with french bulldogs recently with their cute little faces and I thought they would me the perfect choice!

+ AVOCADO: Well, of course, I had to include food in this mix! I'm pretty sure that it's not very original of me and almost every single blogger is obsessed with avocados. Well, that doesn't make me love them any less! So, that was my second idea. Now, if I don't have an avocado that day, at least I have it on my shirt!

+ #GIRLBOSS: I had to make this one, because you know, I'm all about girl power and being a boss of your own life! I wear this patch to remind myself to kick ass every single day!

+ PLANET: The planet to me represents travel experiences and adventures. As I wish to explore as many places around the world as possible during the course of my life, this patch just couldn't be any better.

+ EVIL EYE: The eye or "evil eye" has been one of my favorite symbols for a long time. I don't even really know how to explain my love for it. I'd say that it just became somewhat of a talisman for me, to the point that I got a tattoo of it 2 months ago. So, it was rather reasonable to include it in my personalized collection for Dizaria Shop.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on my collaboration! And let me know which patch is your favorite!

You can buy the set of patches or a tee with them on Dizaria Shop ;)

Dizaria Shop | Patches
Dizaria Shop x Alina Ermilova Collaboration
Dizaria Shop Design
Dizaria Shop
{Photos by Anastasia Novikova}

TEE: Dizaria Shop | JEANS: Zara | SHOES: JollyChic | SUNGLASSES: Zaful

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