Saturday, July 16, 2016

My Top 8 Flatlay Instagrams

Top Flatlay Instagrams

Dreamy shots, flatlays & food

You already know my obsession with instagram due to my previous posts and there's not much I wouldn't do for a great shot. As much as I love the realness of Snapchat, there's still something incredibly magnificent about a well-curated picture. My absolute favorite format is flatlays. I mean, who doesn't love them!? I already did a post on my top 12 travel instagrams, and today I wanna share with you my favorite accounts with flatlays.

Also, do share your favorites, I love discovering new people to follow!

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Instagram Photos | Flatlays

Flatlays, city life, travels

Fashion Bloggers | Instagram

Ultimate fashion blogger account: fashion, pretty food and coffee flatlays

The Pink Diary | Instagram | Flatlay

For all things girly

Food Flatlays | Instagram

The queen of food flatlays

Flatlay Instagram Accounts

Monochromatic flatlay compositions

Viktoria Dahlberg Instagram

Stylish flatlay shots, New York & lots of yummy food

Flatlays | Instagram

Flatlay compositions aka pieces of art

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