Monday, August 15, 2016

How To Style Mom Jeans

How To Style Mom Jeans
I gotta say it took me quite some time to get on board with mom jeans. I fully appreciated the trend with boyfriend jeans which has been around for a while, but since I've started to see more and more looks with mom jeans, I thought it's about time I get myself a pair. I love that unlike the previously mentioned boyfriend jeans, they actually look flattering on your butt and showcase your curves in a nice way. On top of all that, they're actually super comfortable! Because there's nothing I hate more than super tight jeans that almost stop your blood circulation! I mean, maybe I'm over-exaggerating, but you got what I mean. At least you wanna be able to still button up your jeans after you had a nice meal (don't tell me you haven't been there!). So, that's when mom jeans come into play! So how the hell do you style them?

Well, my absolute favorite way is to wear them with a cami top and a pair of heels for that subtle sexy look. It's still kinda casual, nothing too fancy, yet there's a touch of allure. This time I've chosen this cream silk top that I think goes really well with the whole neutral theme.

Another way I like to wear my mom jeans is with a simple shirt or a tee, plus a pair of sneakers. Super easy, takes like 2 minutes to put together. And that's probably my go-to look right now when I need to head out of the door in 5 minutes.

So, what are your thought on mom jeans? Mom jeans or boyfriend jeans?

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{Photos by Anya}

JEANS: Calliope | TOP: All.We.Need | SHOES: Asos | SUNGLASSES: Zaful

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