Wednesday, August 3, 2016

INSPIRATION: 10 Places With Bookshelves

INSPIRATION: 10 Places With Bookshelves
I don't know how many people know that, but I'm actually even a bigger fan of home decor than fashion! The moment I set my eyes on a home decor department in a store and begin to go through all of those cute storage boxes, multiple plates and gold trays, I lose my mind. My eyes start to sparkle, the heart is pounding (I mean, really, no kidding!). Anyway, I've been collecting quite a lot of images on my Pinterest home decor board and I thought I'd share with you some of my favorite spaces with bookshelves. You know, I love a great book

I'm still dreaming of having an apartment with these types of bookshelves, where I can have my own collection. Isn't it sounds awesome?

Btw, let me know which picture is your favorite? And would you like to have something like this in your home?

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{Photos via Pinterest}

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