Sunday, October 23, 2016

My Favorite Workout Channels On Youtube + Sportswear Picks

Fitness Channels For Working Out
I've been working out along with YouTube video for almost 3 years now and so far it's working the best for me! Here's why: 

First of all, I can choose any kind of workout I wanna do that day, be it kickboxing or yoga.

Second of all, I'm able to workout in my own time, for as long as I need to, which I'm sure saves me quite a few hours just in one week.

Also, I'm working out along with the coolest trainers ever, who actually give me enough motivation to push harder every single time.

I thought I'd share with you some of my favorite YouTube channels that I'm sure I'll love!

And a few words about my fitness routine, kind of. I don't have a specific schedule for a week, it all depends on how busy I am and how I feel that day. Normally I aim for 5 days of working out (for 1 hour) in a week. I know that some people consider it to be too much, but this 1 hour in a day has become my 'me time' which I love to have at the end of my day! So yes, it doesn't feel like a burden to me, more like a recharge session after a long day at the computer. As for the time, 8pm works the best for me, as I can go straight to the shower afterwards and head to bed to read a book (on a good day) or finish work/studying (on not so good ones).





Victoria's Secret Sport

Fitness Blender


Also, I'd love to hear about your favorite channels or any other ways you like to workout! Let's keep active together!

And if you want me to make other posts on fitness, health and nutrition, do let me know in the comments! Those are one of my favorite topics and something I'm really passionate about, so I'd be happy to do it!

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Favorite Workout Channels On Youtube
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Thanks for reading! 

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