Tuesday, October 11, 2016

My Top Blogging Tips

I gotta say, it took me a while to finally get in the mood and write this post. That's gonna be quite a long one, so bear with me! I've gathered together my top blogging tips for creating content, promoting it and staying on top of your game.


I had to start with this one, because it truly is! When you love what you do, you'll find time for it, you'd wanna do it even when you're tired and you'll be able to give your work all you have. Blogging is, more than anything, else requires you to be passionate and creative. The people who are extremely successful at this industry are working their ass 24/7. How are they doing it? By truly loving their craft.


No genius promotion tactic or marketing campaign will safe a crappy product. The same goes for your blog. Think about it as your portfolio where you put only your best work. Yes, putting out a lot of content on a regular basis is important, but if you have a choice between publishing a post that you're not fully sure of, or skip a day, always choose the later. Do your best to create the content you're proud of.


Now, as I've said, consistency is also really important. If you update your blog once in a blue moon, don't expect people to stick around. Give people a reason to come back to your blog, and to do that, you need to let them know when the next post is coming out. I gotta say, I'm not perfect at this and that's something I should seriously work at. I post here pretty often and never skip too many days, but I still think it'd be great to finally set specific days for my blog posts (ex. Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday).


That's a big one! Make sure to spread your content across all your social media channels. That's how people can actually find it. The same as word of mouth, but on the Internet. That doesn't mean that you should bombard people with your posts multiple times a day (please, don't be one of those annoying spammy people). I'm just talking about, let's say, putting one photo from your new post on Instagram, one promo on Twitter and one on Facebook. Start small? and as our blog grows (maybe!) promote your new 2 times, one on the day of the publication and one on the next day (after a few days). It all depend on how much content you produce in general and how often. Also, always look at how people react to what you're posting.


No matter what people are saying, I still think blogging industry is one of the friendliest ones. So, try to connect with other bloggers, creatives and people, who are reading your blog. After all, that's what blogging is about - connecting with people online and sharing experiences with each other. And getting to the more serious part of business, people are what will get you places. Behind every PR opportunity you're getting, behind every collaboration or a mention on the Internet is a person who liked your blog and YOU, as a person. So yes, even though blogging is great for introverts, because you get to sit and create your stuff behind a computer screen, you'll still have to go and put yourself out there, meet people and build connections.


Following previous point, you need to build a community on your blog. Your whole space on the Internet (social media, blog, etc) have to be cohesive and on brand. And when people go to your blog and any of your social media, they have to feel that sense of community, where they can feel great, discuss important topics for them and get feedback. For me, getting genuine comments from you is what makes my day. Not even the compliment comments or praise, but just your thoughts, your experiences. Blogging gives us that unique opportunity to connect with like-minded people all around the world, so let's use it!


And lasts, but not least, get personal, share your own thoughts and experiences! I'm not telling you to put all your personal life out there, in fact, that's something you definitely shouldn't do. I'm talking about showing your personality and not just beautiful pictures of yourself. Think about some of your favorite bloggers, who do you feel connected to the most and why? Your personality is what nobody else has and what will make you stand out.

Hope this post will be somewhat helpful to you on your blogging journey. And if you have any other blogging tips I left out, be sure to share them! I greatly appreciate every comment that you leave here and always read them all! <3

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Thanks for reading! 

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