Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Top 8 Breakfast Spots In Moscow

Top 8 Breakfast Spots In Moscow
Who doesn't love breakfast, right? If you follow me on instagram, you probably already know my new tradition to meet up with the friend on Tuesdays. We both have some free time before uni on that day of the week and that seems like the perfect time to get together for a breakfast date.

Today I thought I'd share some of the best places we've been to so far. Most of them are perfect for breakfast, but some would be great for lunch or a coffee date.

If you also have any recommendations in Moscow or really anywhere in the world, do share in the comments!
LES Cafe | Moscow

I can describe this place in 3 words: zmazing coffee, delicious pastries and cozy atmosphere. There are 3 'LES' locations in Moscow so far, but the one with a backyard is my absolute favorite so far. It's better to visit in summer tho, because otherwise it's probably gonna be too cold out outside. If you get a chance to go there, definitely take some photos! #instaworthy

Eklernaya Kler | Moscow

Now, this place is like a small paradise with Moroccan tiles on the tables, incredible desserts and coffee. The best eclairs in the city, for sure! So far I've tried raspberry, rose and lavender flavors and they all taste amazing! There are endless options, so I'm looking forward to go back there real soon!

Table Cafe | Moscow

This one reminds me of Australian cafes with their greens everywhere and delicious breakfast food, toasts and salads. First of all, I love the interior, it's really on point. Second of all, the food is also incredible: loved their toasts, yogurt w/ granola and pancakes. Oh, and you should definitely try their buckthorn tea!

Good Enough Cafe | Moscow

One of the best coffee spots in the city! They also serve incredible breakfast food, such as pancakes, toasts, eggs and oatmeal. I know they also have great lunch options, but I still haven't tried those.

Le Pain Quotidien Cafe | Moscow

You might already know Le Pain Quotidien, because they have their cafes in quite a few countries around the world. Probably my favorite place in terms of interior decor (obsessed with the tiles!). A really great cozy place to go to for a nice breakfast/brunch/lunch. They have a bunch of desserts, like eclairs, cakes, croissants, etc.

Shokoladnitsa Cafe | Moscow

Shokoladnitsa is different from all the other places, because it's essentially a chain cafe. Nevertheless, I love this place! Perfect for breakfast, since they have special offers where you can get meals from a special breakfast menu for cheaper. I'm obsessed with their cottage cheese pancakes, the most delicious thing ever!

David B Cafe | Moscow

This place is like a safe haven. It's quite small and is pretty much the definition of cozy. The best coffee and the best croissants! Seriously, I don't know what they do with their croissants, but they taste incredible! You can also find cool magazines to read, whil you sip your coffee.

Double B Cafe | Moscow

And last, but not least - Double B. It's not much of a secret that they have the best coffee. There are not many food options tho, but I still decided to include this spot, because it's perfect for a get together with a cup of coffee and a small dessert.

Thanks for reading! 

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