Sunday, November 13, 2016

Cold-Weather Style

Dezzal khaki coat | Fashion blogger
As much as I "love" the cold, I gotta admit these photographs look magical. The biggest struggle for me in the winter time is having nothing to wear (besides freezing to death on a daily basis). And as much as I'm trying to be prepared every year, there are just not enough coats and boots to last me 5 months! So yeah, after struggling for some time, I usually just go for the warmest parka and call it a day. So that's basically my daily outfit for 3 months.

This year my life saver is this number from Dezzal. That's probably the first coat that's actually warm and looks chic. Because, you know, half of the time I just end up looking like a polar bear in my huge parka (no offense to polar bears, they're cute!). Ok, back to the coat. I love that it's super long and goes almost to my ankles, which is vital in this brutal cold. And because you can wrap it around your body like a robe, it gives you extra warmth.

So, what keeps you warm in the winter time? Side note: if you're somewhere in LA or Hawaii, I'm jealous!

Fashion Blogger | Winter Street Style
Alina Ermilova | Fashion Blogger
Dezzal Coat | Outfit
Cold Weather Style
Cold Weather Style | Fashion Blogger
Winter Coat | Fashion Blogger Outfit
Alina Ermilova | Blogger | Tattoo
Winter Outfit | Fashion Blogger | Photography
Alina Ermilova | Fashion Blogger | Cold Weather Style
{Photos by Anastasia}

COAT: Dezzal | BOOTS: Deichmann | BAG: SammyDress

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