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How To Set Goals For The New Year

How To Set Goals For The New Year
It's the middle of December and what I like to do during this time of the year is reflect on the previous year and start writing goals for the new one. If you've been reading me for a while, you know that I'm really goal oriented. I like to set certain standards for myself and slowly move towards them, tracking my progress along the way. Today I thought I'd share with you some tips on how to set clear goals and stick to them throughout the whole year.

How to stick to your new year resolutions

1. Reflect on the past year.

I think the best way to go about it is to start with the previous year. To see what you've accomplished, how far you've come and what were the happiest moments of that year. That usually helps me to understand  what is attainable and can really be done in 1 year and in what direction I should go from there.

2. Get done as much as you can in December.

What I try to do every December is finish all of my current projects, assignments and pretty much everything else in life that I don't wanna drag onto the next year. To be honest, it's a real pain in the ass, and the end of the year becomes on the busiest months of all for me, but it's 100% worth it! Because I can start the next year completely fresh, stress free and focus on the project at hand, without worrying about everything I wasn't able to accomplish before.

3. Be realistic with your goals.

That's probably one of the most important points. Most people are completely unrealistic with their goals and intentions and that's why they quit within the first month. You may like the idea of working out for 1 hour every single day or read for 1 hour every morning, but you have to look at your lifestyle and honestly answer to yourself: "Can I actually stick to that?", "Is this realistic for MY life?". If you have doubts now, you probably won't be able to continue doing it the moment life gets hard.

4. Make a vision board.

I can tell you that's this is quite a powerful tool for achieving your goals in life. First of all, because when you visualize something and put it on paper, that automatically becomes real in your mind and that's not just a dream for you any more, but a real goal you can strive for. And second of all, having this vision board constantly in front of your eye helps tremendously, because your goals are literally in front of you all the time. Isn't that a great motivation? If you're not into pictures, you can always create a list of your top goals and hang near your desk as a constant reminder

5. Start now!

And last but not least, just working on yourself now! The beginning of a new year is a great opportunity to start fresh and everything, but in reality it doesn't really matter when you start, because the earlier you do something, the earlier you'll reap the benefits of it. We all know these people who try to start new life every single Monday and fail every single time. So the best advisce of all is don't wait for Monday, New Year, your birthday, just start now with what you have and move from there!

Wow, that's been one long blog post!😄 I hope you're still reading and finding this information helpful at least in some way. I'd love to hear your thoughts on goal setting! Tell me if you've accomplished your goals this year and what has helped you along the way!

Love <3

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