Friday, December 9, 2016

My New Haircut

Frayed Hem Jeans Outfit | Fashion Blogger
I didn't mention it in my last 'Life Lately' post, but as you already may know, I cut my hair! Honestly, you have no idea how much I've been waiting for that moment! It's not that don't like long hair, but for some reason I just feel a lot more comfortable with short haircut, and it's not only the 'comfort' thing, it's that I feel totally like myself.

As for my outfit, I'm really loving at the moment the trend with frayed hem jeans. I think they look really cool and a great alternative to a pair of classic skinny jeans. my another obsessed is suede! I absolutely love this jacket from Zaful, that I'm now wearing underneath my winter coat :D

Do you guys prefer short hair or long hair? I honestly love both, but recently I've more into shoulder length haircuts. 

As always, you can see shots from my daily life and new outfits on Instagram👌

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Suede Jacket | Street Style
Suede Jacket | Street Style | Fashion Blogger
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{Photos by Anastasia}

JACKET: Zaful | JEANS: Zaful | BOOTS: Zara | BAG: LoveRepublic | CHOKER: Sab.Choker | EARRINGS: Zaful

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