Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Bell Sleeves Trend

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Let's discuss bell sleeves! It's one of those trends that I was first hesitant to try, but once I did, I couldn't get enough and now I pretty much want all of my tops to have some kind of bell sleeves. They just look so chic and totally make any outfit! The only problem I can think of with them is the eating process. You know, you have to be careful, especially with white items like that😄 Aside from that, I'm totally hooked onto that trend! Who's with me?

These photographs with shot early in the morning on the weekend, that's why you don't really see that many people. Any other time of the day, that place is packed! And just how beautiful is this facade, probably one of my favorite buildings in the city😍 It's one of the last place that still has holiday decorations, and I gotta say, I'd be quite sad when they take off all these lights. Does your city still has any kind of decoration?

Bell Sleeves Trend | Fashion Blogger
Bell Sleeves | Street Style 2017
Moscow Street Style 2017
Alina Ermilova | Photography
Black Leather Dress | Outfit | Fashion Blogger
Street Style | Alina Ermilova | Fashion Blogger
{Photos by Anastasia}

 DRESS: SheIn | BLOUSE: Zaful (similar here) | BOOTS: VIPme | BAG: Kari

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