Thursday, January 12, 2017

My St. Petersburg Holiday Trip

St. Petersburg Trip | Travel Blogger
I'm so happy I can finally share with you all the pics from my trip to St.Petersurg. It was one of those trips that energizes and inspires you. I've been waking up pretty early every day of our trip without any alarm clock, and we'd go explore the city from early morning to the evening. Although, there were 2 days of -20 degree weather, which is pretty brutal! But we basically spent them in cafes and little stores. 

Btw, speaking of cafes, during that trip I've had the best food experiences of my life! We'd start the day at little cafes with amazing coffee and incredible breakfast meals, for lunch/dinner we'd go to a small restaurant, that we'd discovered by accident, and eat the most delicious pizza and pasta and between all of that we'd have different cakes and pastries with a cup of coffee. Actually, I feel like coffee was the theme of that trip, because I've been drinking 3 cups a day ther.

But setting food aside, I absolutely loved the architecture in St. Petersburg! I've constantly looking up at all the beautiful buildings. I love how they're all different and you never know what you may find on your way. I included many pics here, so you can see it for yourself.

Don't worry, I'm also gonna make a mini guide to St. Petersburg with all of my favorite places ;)

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St. Petersburg | Travel Blogger
St. Petersburg | Book Store + Cafe
St. Petersburg | Nevsky Grand Hotel | Travel Blogger
St. Petersburg | Nevsky Grand Hotel
St. Petersburg | Travel Blogger

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