Wednesday, January 18, 2017

St. Petersburg Food Guide

Saint Petersburg Food Guide
Finally, as promised, I'm sharing with you my favorite places to get a good meal, drink a cup of coffee or have a small (or not so small) dessert. You've probably already seen them all on my instagram, but in case you missed them, here's a full list!

And if you have any cool places of your own, please do share them too!

Dreamers | Мечтатели

This is probably my favorite place out of all the ones we've been to. Especially great for breakfast, as there are plenty options to choose from! They simply have the best 'sirniki' made out of ricotta and topped with salted caramel (in the photo). Another great choice would be oatmeal with persimmon pieces and popcorn. I mean, do I really have to say anything more?😋 Oh, and the coffee is also really good, definitely worth trying!


Pryanosti & Radosti | Пряности и Радости


If you love big breakfast meals, that's the place to go! We tried 2 breakfast options: 1st one - omlet with greens, tomatoes and cheese + 2 pieces of toast with jam, 2d  one - 'sirniki' with raspberry jam and white chocolate + homemade yogurt with pieces of fruit (and of course, coffee!). The breakfast was insanely delicious and big enough to feel full afterwards. Although, I gotta say, they don't have the best coffee.

Podpisnie Izdania | Подписные Издания

This is actually a bookstore (one of the best ones I've been to!), but they also offer coffee and desserts there. So, if you're in a mood to sit down with a book or simply want a good cup of coffee - this is what you need! Also, double points for gorgeous tableware!👌 And don't forget to get a postcard💗

Sever | Север

This bakery is a paradise for everyone with a sweet tooth out there. Eclairs, cakes, pies - you name it and it will be there! Also, great prices both for coffee and desserts. And there are lots of their bakeries around the city, so it won't be hard to find😉

Bushe | Буше

Another bakery you can't miss! I swear, they have the best pastries, So, you know, if you're in the mood for a croissant and a coffee, you know where to go😉 Also love their classic oatmeal for breakfast.

Schastye | Счастье

The cafe that translates as 'happiness' just can't be bad by definition, right? This is probably the sweetest place you'll find in the city! I'm absolutely in love with their macarons, handmade chocolate candies and gingerbreads. And pretty much every corner in this cafe screams cuteness! The prices are a bit expensive though, so be prepared to pay  more than the average.

Mickey & Monkeys

We've only tried their breakfast options, but I know that they have pretty much everything, from milkshakes with different toppings and sandwiches, to fancy meals and alcohol. It's one of those trendy places everyone knows about and goes to. A bit overpriced, but mostly worth it. You'll also probably love their interior decor.

Mama Roma | Мама Рома

The best pizza I've tries in my life!!! First of all, they have so many options, that it took us a good 15 minutes to decide on what to order both times we were there. Second of all, we thought that we wouldn't be able to eat 4 slices of pizza each, but we were🙈 Their pasta is also amazing, worth a try! And the prices are seriously really good.


And last but not least, the place we went to on our first day/night of the arrival. I really like that hey have different stations with salads, pasta, steaks, desserts and coffee, and for example, in the salad bar, you can choose any ingredients you like and create your own salad. The atmosphere inside the restaurant is also really nice!

Thanks for reading! 

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