Sunday, February 26, 2017

How I Recharge And Get Inspired

Alina Ermilova | Blogger

Being a blogger, a photographer and a creative person in general means that I constantly have to be inspired to produce new content. But as you can imagine, there are always gonna be moments when you just don't feel that great. That doesn't mean that you've exceeded your creativity, that just means that you have to recharge, doing something else. Today I thought I'd share with you some ways that help me to do just that.

1. Getting off social media. That's a big one and something that has helped me a lot. Since I'm on my phone/laptop 24/7, checking social media updates, answering comments, posting photos, etc, it just can get daunting, to the point when you beginning to resent social media. I always try to avoid that now and the moment I start feeling like I'm getting sick of all the same photos in my feed (instagram!), endless stream of articles that I wanna read, but can't possible go thought in such short time without driving myself crazy, and other stuff, I just tell myself that it's time to shut down and put my phone away. With that being said, after having a decent break, I usually come back inspired and ready to create cool stiff again!

2. Tumblr, Pinterest, WeHeartIt. Sometimes you don't particularly need to get off the Interenet for good, you can just limit you access to the sites that can inspire you and get you out of your day to day life. I love sites like Tumblr with all my heart, and sometime if I still feel like searching for inspo online, I go there! For me it's like an escape into different reality and my Tumblr feed is pretty much the reflection of what's going on in my head and how I see the world at that moment of my life.

3. Books. Moving on from the Internet activities, one of my absolute favorite things in the world is reading books. Every time I get tired of my day to day, I go pick a book and dive into another world for some time. As you may know already, I usually prefer non-fiction and read a lot of business, psychology and self-help books, but recently I've starting getting more into the fiction literature. So, as much as I like reading "information", sometime a good story is just what you need.

Adding to this point, a good movie also can go a long way! I usually go either for something with a deep meaning or a light comedy, depending on my current mood.

4. Get outside. This was actually a discovery of the recent year. While I tend to cozy up inside on these occasions, sometimes getting out of the house for some fresh air is just the thing you need! I can just go for a simple walk with my headphones in, without any purpose or destinations, and I gotta say that works amazingly! Speaking of, music also has a tremendous effect on me and sometimes the right playlist can inspire you a lot.

5. People. And last but not least, it's the people in your life. Being and introvert, that's a hard point for me to admit, but over the years I've realized that being around someone, especially someone whose company you truly enjoy, can be really healing and also has the power to instantly shift your perspective on life. If I don't particularly feel like socializing, I sometimes can just go sit at a cafe, and that hustle and bustle around me somehow still makes me feel serene.

So, that's basically it! What are some of the ways that help you to recharge and find inspiration?

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