Sunday, February 12, 2017

My Top 12 Embroidered Bomber Jackets

Fashion Blogger | Embroidered Bomber Jacket
Here goes another trend I'm completely obsessed with - embroidery! I've already dedicated a whole post to embroidery bomber jackets, and I still can't get over this trend. It's one of those pieces that can just instantly transform your outfit and make it 1000 times cooler. I love wearing jackets like that on top of the dress for an edgier look that's still on the fancier side or simply pairing them with a pair of biker boots and some pants for an everyday look.

I've made a round-up on my favorites right now, so go check them out! Also let me know your thoughts on this trend😉

Embroidered Bomber Jacket Trend
Street Style 2017 | Embroidered Bomber Jacket
Embroidered Bomber Jacket | Fashion Blogger | Outfit
Embroidered Bomber Jacket | Look
Embroidered Bomber Jacket | How To Style
Fashion Blogger | YSL Bag
YSL Bag | Fashion Blogger | Outfit
 {Photos by Anastasia}

JACKET: SheIn | PANTS: Compagnia Italiana | BAG: YSL | BOOTS: Stradivarius

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