Tuesday, March 14, 2017

My Favorite Jacket

Embroidery Jacket | Fashion Blogger
It's that time of the year when the weather starts getting warmer every day and it seems that we won't be seeing snow anymore. With all that in mind, I thought it's about time I post this winter outfit. The jacket I'm wearing is one of my favorite purchases ever! I feel like jackets in general can make an outfit super chic in a second and they also make you look more put-together, even if you're wearing something totally basic underneath.

Also, a little question to you: does your choice of colors change with the begging of spring? I love wearing all black and monochrome all year around, yet I find myself gravitating towards more colorful outfits as the weather gets warmer. 

Street Style 2017 | Embroidery Jacket
Alina Ermilova | Outfit | Embroidery Jacket
Zara Embroidery Jacket 2017
Zara Embroidery Jacket | Fashion Blogger
Sazon Parole | Moscow
{Photos by Anastasia}

JACKET: Zara | BOOTS: Stradivarius | BAG: Love Republic | HAT: SammyDress

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