Friday, March 24, 2017

Surf Cafe

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It's been quite a challenging week for me, but luckily it's already Friday. I'm planning on mostly staying home today, working on my blog, doing emails and stuff like that. I've also been trying to find a hobby that would be different from what I'm already doing, just something to loosen up my brain. So far I've only been diving more into reading, but I really wanna find something else. What do you guys like to do in your spare time to just relax or switch up from you daily tasks?

As for these photos, I shot them when I went for a coffee with my friend in the middle of the week. I'm always so happy to see her, because it can be challenging to find time to meet up every week. We went to this really cool place, called Surd Coffee, where you instantly get into that summery atmosphere. I love the fact that they have a bunch of cool magazines lying around that you can pick up and read. I've quickly gone through a couple of them as we were sitting and talking. Also, I've tried their popcorn latte, and it tastes heavenly! Definitely gonna go back there again!

On a side note, I'm thinking about doing a live on my instagram, would you be interested?

Surf Coffee | Moscow
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Surf Cafe
Surf Coffee Moscow
Surf Coffee
Surf Moscow

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