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How To Live A More Positive Life

Alina Ermilova | How To LIve A More Positive Life
Today's topic is something I've thought about a lot lately. Mainly, because I wasn't feeling happy and couldn't figure out why or what I can do to change that. As a disclaimer, I wanna say that everything I wrote here is also partly for myself. I'm trying to follow my own advice, and sometimes I succeed at it, sometimes I fail... That's ok though, it's just way life is after all. I just hope you can find something in this article that'd make you think differently and maybe shift your perspective a little.

1. Accept that there's no perfection. I think the first thing you should do is realize that there's no perfect way to do anything, no one is perfect, you're not perfect and that ok. I gotta say that I'm a perfectionist in recovery. For the longest time I just couldn't accept things, because they didn't seem perfect to me, which is ridiculous, because perfection is subjective in its core and you can't measure even measure it for that matter. I'm not saying that you should stop better yourself and your work and be satisfied with whatever. Rather, I'm telling you that sometimes a good job is good enough. You should really take time and think how much it matters if you don't produce something perfect at the moment. Would you still think about in a week, in a month? Are other people even gonna notice it? Does it matter at all? I find that sometimes when I ask myself these questions, I start looking at the situation it a totally different perspective.

There is also a whole different topic of how you see yourself. Even the looks pay a huge role in our society and we are constantly bombarded with different adds on how to look younger, prettier, slimmer, taller, etc. And the subtext is that you're never enough. That's why self-awareness is so important. Truly knowing who you are and accepting that can be a real challenge and sure as hell doesn't come easy. I'd say that it's a work in progress, yet I believe that we can all achieve it if we pay close attention to what we're consuming on a daily basis, how we talk to ourselves in our head and whether we're being nice to ourselves.

2. Get rid of the control thing. Following the previous topic, we gotta talk about the constant desire to hold everything in control. That point really hits home with me personally, because I'm naturally a really organized person and planning is like my jam! No kidding, I like almost every hour of my day to be scheduled, this way I feel at piece and know exactly what to do with my life. The thing is tho, that life has its own way of showing us who's in control. Plans fall through, people can flake on you at times, everything just can't always go according to plan. The important thing is how you react to that. I gotta admit that even small changes in plans can sometimes throw me off balance. Over time, I've realized that it's not the way to live and I can't depend so much on my preplanned schedule. Yes, having some structure in life can be more convenient, but I gotta learn to let go sometimes and accept life for what it is.

3. Unfollow. Without a doubt, social media plays a huge role in our life. I always say that you should me mindful of what you're consuming, because eventually that's what you become. The articles you read, the people you follow, the videos you watch, etc. Sometimes I notice that a certain person awakes rather negative emotions in me, and now I always try to go through my follows and sort out whose content I truly want to consume and whose life I'm interested in, and who's just not worth my time and brings more negativity in my life rather that anything else. Honestly, the same goes to your real life. You know the saying: "your friends are the reflection of you". So, be mindful of who you give your time to and whether that person radiates good vibes.

4. Take care of yourself. And the last thing I wanna mention here is that taking care of yourself, whether that'd be mentally, physically or in any other way will always pay off. You have yourself for life, and it's only natural that the choices you make about your lifestyle affect your life now or in the future. You may feel like eating healthy and taking care of your body doesn't really do much for you, but trust me, your future self will be so thankful to you for the right choices you've made at the time! The same goes to your mental healthy, treating yourself with respect, not stressing out about the little stuff (see above) and being around the right people will give you a much more fulfilling life.

Educate yourself, do the hobbies that make you happy, take time to be with your family and friends, because in the end that's truly what matters the most.

Well, that was a really long post! If you're still here reading, thank you! And I truly hope that these tips would help you on your way to a happier, more positive life. 

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