Wednesday, July 5, 2017

My Favorite Way To Spice Up Any Outfit

Wool Beret | Zaful
What makes or breaks an outfit? The first things we usually think of are shoes and bags, but there's more to that. Over the last year I've become fan of accessories, like scarfs, hats, belts, etc. And I'm telling you, they have the power to completely transform your look. You can be wearing a simple white tee and a pair of jeans and still look like you're coming straight out of a fashion show just by adding a few accessories. 

Today's look is one of those cases. Even though the sleeves on the blouse are already a great accent in my outfit, I feel there was still something missing. I solved this problem with this super cool beret from Zaful. I've been completely obsessed with it, because it adds like 100 additional points to any outfit and makes you look extra cool!

What about you guys? are you using the power of accessories to the fullest?

Wool Beret | Zaful | Fashion Blogger
{Photos by Anastasia}

BLOUSE: Zaful | PANTS: Compagnia Italiana | BACKPACK & SANDALS: Kari | HAT: Zaful

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